Welcome to ChangeSync

   We are a company of seasoned change     
   professionals on a mission to transform and
   modernize the practice of change

   We understand the urgent demand for
   straightforward, efficient solutions that
   match the lightning-fast pace of change.

   We've experienced the frustrations of what
   doesn't work, and we're here to offer  a full-     
   suite of services, tools, and a certification
   program that truly deliver.

What Makes Us Different  

By harmonizing technology, change expertise, and practical change management, we offer a comprehensive suite of customized services to support your pursuit of remarkable results.

Masterclass Certification
Our comprehensive certification bridges the gap between theory and practice in change management. Participants gain critical, hands-on skills that apply to any change program – minus the inflated prices! Prepare to conquer the people side of change with real-world expertise and the skills needed to navigate a robust end-to-end change project lifecycle. Our certification program is methodology agnostic, allowing flexibility to work within any change framework.

Consulting Services
Unlike the conventional spreadsheet and high-fee consulting approach, our dedicated team brings you full-service, straightforward, refined, holistic, and strategic consulting and advisory services. Whether you're just starting out or you have extensive experience in change, our consultants are your partners in crafting, developing, and executing a change program created for success. We ensure our approach aligns seamlessly with your team and culture.

Change Software
Our data-driven solution sweeps away the clutter of traditional, manual change management work. We've ushered in an era of simplicity with digital, streamlined change processes, tasks, and reporting to empower leaders to make swift and informed decisions. Our real-time reports, data insights, and sentiment analysis, give you a single-source-of-truth for all projects, materials, stakeholders, and activities, ensuring strategic alignment across your entire change portfolio.

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About us

We are a company of seasoned change management professionals on a mission to transform and do better for our industry and fellow practitioners.

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