Managing the people side of change.

Making the managing, tracking, and reporting of change management initiatives easy.

Why ChangeSync?

Increase Employee


Handle change with ease! Transparent change process and streamlined solutions create happy employees.

Get Higher

Performance Results

Increase employee engagement, achieve lower attrition and handle change faster.

Adopt Change Faster

Simplify your workflow. Get PM functionality, dashboard reporting, collaboration capabilities, and CRM capabilities in one easy solution.

Be More Efficient

One centralized dashboard to manage, track, and report change management initiatives with ease.


Administrative Users


Create and modify all project details and associated change management initiatives.
Utilize and customize all ChangeSync delivered change management tools and templates.
Provision security access for Stakeholder users.


$125.00 / mo

Stakeholder Users


Stakeholder users have view-only access, providing transparency into the change management progress of any project for which they are associated.
Stakeholders are often Managers leading team(s) through change, Executive Sponsors of change, and in some cases employees impacted by the change.


$25.00 / mo

+$2000.00 One Time Setup Fee per Master Account

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