ReThink, ReImagine, ReDesign
How You Change

We are architects of transformation. Our approach focuses on the purposeful planning and intentional design of every aspect of an organization’s change management resources, skills, tools, team, structures, and more!

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ChangeSync: Your Blueprint for Organizational Change Success

Whether it’s your change team structure, the latest resources and technology, or skills and frameworks – our commitment lies in designing resilient change infrastructures and cultivating capabilities that stand the test of the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of organizational change. We partner with you to ensure a successful and ongoing transformation journey with a meticulously crafted blueprint for success that surpasses traditional change management methods.

Designing innovative, nimble approaches is the key to staying relevant in a business landscape of constant change. We make individuals, teams, and organizations future ready. Ready to ReThink, ReImagine, and ReDesign™ How You Change? Join us at ChangeSync and let us guide you on this remarkable journey!

Organizational Change Design: ReThink, ReImagine, ReDesign™


It’s time to rethink these 1990s, labor-intensive, legacy approaches that leave you disconnected from the possibilities of the present – let alone the future. What if you embarked on a journey beyond time-worn, traditional change management?

Change management practitioners have long toiled in the shadows of outdated methodologies, manual tools from a bygone era, overwhelming mountains of busy work, and fumbling to the inconsistent rhythms of siloed practices.


Embrace the role of a visionary catalyst and reshape your organization's change story. Reimagine how change looks, feels, and thrives in a modern and innovative environment.

This transformational journey begins with Organizational Change Design™, an intentional and strategic process that unveils a unique blueprint, cultivating a change ecosystem tailored to your organization's DNA.

This is no mere vision! This is the future of change, pioneered by ChangeSync. Persisting with outdated change management practices is like relying on a typewriter in the age of artificial intelligence!

What is OCD?

Organizational Change Design™ the process of creating a strategic plan for developing the change infrastructure and capabilities that enable successful transformations. It involves careful evaluation and orchestration of elements such as organizational resources, technology, culture, processes, and more; all of these work together to create an effective change-design structure capable of adapting to the ever-evolving landscape and pace of change.

Designing innovative, nimble approaches is the key to staying relevant and leading the future of change. Rethink, ReThink, ReImagine, and ReDesign™ your way forward, and let us guide you on this remarkable journey.

Here's What Sets Us Apart

We've harmonized change expertise, technology, and Organizational Change Design™ to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services customized to support your pursuit of remarkable change results.

Change Management Masterclass Certification

A solid foundation is the backbone of change capability. We don't prescribe a methodology or theory about why change is needed. Instead, we empower you with the practical knowledge you need to know how to do change management work.
Our comprehensive, human-centered course equips you with the essential skills, practical knowledge, and foundational concepts needed to conquer any change management challenge that comes your way.

This course focuses exclusively on critical change processes, tasks, and core concepts. We believe this builds an ecosystem of well-trained, change positive professionals who can contribute to the success of change initiatives across any organization or industry.

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Change Consulting & Advisory Services

Need resources to bring your change plans to reality? We've got you covered. Skip the conventional spreadsheet and high-fee consulting approach. Our dedicated team brings you full-service, straightforward, and strategic consulting and advisory services.

Whether you're just starting out or if you have extensive experience in change, our consultants are your partners in crafting, developing, and executing a change program created for success. We ensure our approach aligns seamlessly with your team and culture.

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Enterprise Change Management Software

We equip you with cutting-edge tools and resources to enhance your change approach. Our data-driven change solution sweeps away the clutter of traditional, manual change management work. We've streamlined and simplified change processes, collaboration tools, surveys, and reporting to empower leaders to make swift and informed decisions.

Complex change in the workplace is tough, but the change process doesn't have to be. Keep it simple, smart, and data-driven with ChangeSync.

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Simple. Smart. Data-Driven Change Management

ChangeSync allows businesses to change faster and smarter with digital workflows and easy collaboration tools. Plus, our robust enterprise-wide reports, portfolio management features, surveys, impact analysis, and real-time change data help you convey and paint a meaningful picture of change to your stakeholders.

Complex change in the workplace is tough, but the change process doesn't have to be. Keep it simple, smart, and data driven with ChangeSync.

Real-Time Enterprise Reporting

Digital Tools & Workflows

Optimized Stakeholder Management

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Cali Standard, Senior Change Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

I completed ChangeSync's Masterclass Certification for change management! So many great things to share about my experience with ChangeSync. In 3.5 days, ChangeSync provided me with the skills, practical knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead change initiatives in a meaningful and methodical way. I feel so much more equipped to do my job having been through this program. I can’t recommend ChangeSync enough!

Chris Washington, Sr. Organizational Change Manager, Salt River Project (SRP)

I completed my Masterclass Certification with ChangeSync! The course was insightful and provided me with many useful tools and templates to enhance my change management skills. I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with colleagues at work. The material was easy to understand and an excellent gateway into the world of change management. Well done, ChangeSync!

 James Hutchins, Change Management Leader, CNH Industrial

What an amazing experience! 
Thank you ChangeSync team and fellow Change Management Practitioners for a great week of learning.
I look forward to putting to practice the new tools in my toolbox.

Peter Spark, Director Project Delivery, Clinical Maestro

One of the many things this course taught me is that change management doesn’t stop once the change happens, it needs to continue on to ensure that the change is embedded into the organization, the culture, the people and their mindset. Being responsible for implementation of a SAAS solution I will use this knowledge to really help me continue engagement and ensure we are able to embed our solution into the customers processes.

Kate Ferraro, Senior Manager Project Delivery, Strategikon

What resonated with me the most about ChangeSync’s training is building a framework for change, asking questions to understand the stakeholders better, and looking at the change from their perspective. We have really needed these skills in order to build up our procedures for tracking, managing, and understanding the impacts of change within our clients. (ChangeSync’s) tools have given us a great head start to begin with the end goal in mind.