Strategic Change Management Consulting and Advisory Services

Need resources to bring your change plans to reality? We've got you covered! Skip the conventional spreadsheet and high-fee consulting approach. Our dedicated team offers full-service, straightforward, and strategic consulting and advisory services.

We bring you the tools you need to purposefully design every aspect of your change infrastructure including team resources, systems and technology, evaluation and measurement, leadership, governance structures, and more.

Our Services

Our proprietary Organizational Change Design™ approach harmonizes technology, change management expertise, and practical application.
As your trusted change partners, we offer three unique categories of consulting services to help you achieve your organization’s change goals:

Сhange Management Consulting

End-to-end change management lifecycle consulting services.

Quality Assurance & Advisory Services

Our change experts will conduct a quality-assurance review and provide advisory services, detailed insights, and actionable plans for any ongoing change program or project.

Сhange Infrastructure Optimization

We leverage Organizational Change Design™ principles to assess your change infrastructure analysis and optimization services.

Change Project & Initiatives Consulting

Need full-time resources or staff augmentation? No problem! We don’t bring spreadsheet templates and high-fee consulting approaches — we empower you with modern and data-driven change solutions that sweep away the clutter of traditional, manual change management work.

Our Organizational Change Design™ principles yield actionable, adaptable, and data-driven approaches and deliverables designed for lasting success. Regardless of where you’re at in your change timeline, we can help with any (or all) of the following:

How it works:

  • CM strategy and plan: outlining methodology, timeline, tools, resources, and metrics of success.

  • Organizational and leadership assessments to understand the change readiness landscape.

  • Digital and streamlined stakeholder identification, analysis, and nuanced management plans.

  • Robust change impact analysis, mapping, and reporting dashboards.

  • Dynamic change advocate strategy, timeline, and management plans.

  • Effective and human-centric readiness, communication, and training strategies and plans.

  • Strategic adoption and sustainment strategies, plans, and optimized resources.

Quality Assurance & Advisory Services

Is your change project up and running but in need of a health check to ensure you're on the right track? Using our Organizational Change Design™ principles, our quality assurance team assesses your organization's change project(s), associated activities, and resources to provide detailed insights and actionable plans for the course corrections necessary to achieve change success.

How it works:

  • Discovery to gain alignment on your organization's unique requirements, mission, goals, and the scope of our quality assurance review (QA).

  • Define ChangeSync's QA plan, timeline, and process that is unique to your organizational needs.

  • Align QA goals and mission to success metrics, ensuring the QA review results in data-driven, actionable results.

  • Deploy QA resources and implement activities and engagement efforts.

  • Conduct readout session(s) to provide detailed QA recommendations for course corrections necessary to achieve change success.

Change Infrastructure Analysis & Optimization

Whether you want to stand up a Change Management Center of Excellence, or simply enhance your existing change infrastructure – we can help! Change management infrastructure encompasses all the intangible, logistical, technical, and structural considerations of delivering change to people across your organization.

We leverage Organizational Change Design™ principles to assess all these elements, identify gaps, and guide you as redesign the infrastructure to drive your organization's change capability, agility, and maturity.

How it works:

  • Discovery session(s) to determine the specific requirements of your Organizational Change Design™ analysis as it relates to your unique change goals, capacity, resources, and governance. Consider how you are, or want to be, structured:

    • CM Center of Excellence

    • Centralized CM office

    • Decentralized community of practice

    • Dedicated CM team within a line of business

Using Organizational Change Design™ principles, we’ll partner with you to ReThink, ReImagine, ReDesign™ every aspect of your change infrastructure including team resources, systems and technology, evaluation and measurement, leadership, governance structures, and more.

Our Organizational Change Design™ approach gives you a unique blueprint – tailored to your organization's DNA – to continuously drive change management agility and maturity.

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