Leading Through Change:
A Challenging But Essential Skill

Our change management experts meticulously designed this course to empower leaders and key roles within your organization with the indispensable skills, critical processes, and fundamental concepts essential to leading others through change. In today’s ever-evolving change landscape, effective change leadership is essential.

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4 Hours


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Your Blueprint for Change Leadership Excellence

Seminar Overview: Leading Through Change

This program is intended for leaders across all industries and levels of experience. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, change is a constant. To thrive and remain competitive, organizations need people leaders who are well-versed in change principles and approaches.

This knowledge empowers them to adapt to change more effectively, reduce resistance and fatigue, and accelerate the pace of organizational transformation. Moreover, leaders who understand how to successfully lead through change are better equipped to support the organization's strategic objectives, leading to improved overall performance.

Your Roadmap to Leading Through Change

Topic 1

Key Change Trends

Description: We kick-off our seminar with a detailed understanding of the current change landscape, trends that impact leader and manager effectiveness, problem-solving skills, and adapting leadership strategies based on the change-related challenges. 

Topic  2

Understanding Change Fatigue

Description: Attendees will dive into the symptoms of change fatigue to understand how it manifests. We’ll review proactive strategies to identify and mitigate the risks associated with change fatigue and cultivate skills in managing concurrent, complex change to intervene effectively and prevent detrimental impacts on individuals and teams.

Topic  3

Building Competency

Description: Attendees will acquire a foundational understanding of change leadership frameworks and models. We’ll learn to develop communication and engagement strategies that foster transparency, collaboration, and change adaptability during periods of change. Lastly, we’ll discuss adult learning models and best practices to empower and involve team members in the change process.

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June 14, 2024
8 am to noon Arizona time

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Cali Standard, Senior Change Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

I completed ChangeSync's Masterclass Certification for change management! So many great things to share about my experience with ChangeSync. In 3.5 days, ChangeSync provided me with the skills, practical knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead change initiatives in a meaningful and methodical way. I feel so much more equipped to do my job having been through this program. I can’t recommend ChangeSync enough!

Chris Washington, Sr. Organizational Change Manager, Salt River Project (SRP)

I completed my Masterclass Certification with ChangeSync! The course was insightful and provided me with many useful tools and templates to enhance my change management skills. I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with colleagues at work. The material was easy to understand and an excellent gateway into the world of change management. Well done, ChangeSync!

 James Hutchins, Change Management Leader, CNH Industrial

What an amazing experience! 
Thank you ChangeSync team and fellow Change Management Practitioners for a great week of learning.
I look forward to putting to practice the new tools in my toolbox.

Peter Spark, Director Project Delivery, Clinical Maestro

One of the many things this course taught me is that change management doesn’t stop once the change happens, it needs to continue on to ensure that the change is embedded into the organization, the culture, the people and their mindset. Being responsible for implementation of a SAAS solution I will use this knowledge to really help me continue engagement and ensure we are able to embed our solution into the customers processes.

Kate Ferraro, Senior Manager Project Delivery, Strategikon

What resonated with me the most about ChangeSync’s training is building a framework for change, asking questions to understand the stakeholders better, and looking at the change from their perspective. We have really needed these skills in order to build up our procedures for tracking, managing, and understanding the impacts of change within our clients. (ChangeSync’s) tools have given us a great head start to begin with the end goal in mind.

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