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Project managers and change leaders are a dynamic duo steering the course to transformation in today’s fast-paced business landscape. However, a common challenge surfaces when project managers don’t fully comprehend the pivotal role and significance of change management work, timelines, and contributions.

Our Synergy Seminar empowers project managers to grasp the pivotal role of change management in driving change adoption and success. By bridging the gap between project and change management, this dynamic session enhances project leaders' ability to navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable results in today’s era of constant change.

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4 Hours


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Unlocking Synergy: Your Path to Leadership Harmony

Synergy Seminar: Bridging the Change & Project Management Gap

This program is intended to elevate project management leadership by mastering the art of support, resource alignment, and cultivating a change-ready culture. Participants will explore foundational change management concepts and how project managers can assist and strategically align with change leaders on project plans, resource allocation, targeted communication, and fostering adaptability within project teams. This synergistic approach enhances project success and ensures effective implementation and sustainability of organizational change initiatives.

Your Roadmap to Bridging the Change & Project Management Gap

Topic 1

Understanding Change As A Process

We kick-off our seminar with an introduction to foundational change management principles, emphasizing the strategic interplay between project and change management. Participants gain insights into change as a structured process, including critical change activities. The discussion highlights the pivotal role of change management in supporting project objectives and timelines, ensuring successful adoption and organizational readiness amidst transformation initiatives.

Topic  2

Orchestrating Collaboration Across Key Roles

We dive into the distinct roles, responsibilities, and team structures within change management, emphasizing the collaborative dynamic between the PM and CM disciplines. Participants gain an understanding of specialized roles, such as communications, training, and data analysis, and their strategic contributions to project success. The discussion explores the importance of effective collaboration between project and change leaders, defining interactions and expectations for project sponsorship and leadership.

Topic  3

Overlapping Areas and Potential Conflicts

This session guides participants through common points of convergence, treating change teams as a distinct project workstream, and ensuring insights into other workstreams for comprehensive impact assessment. The discussion emphasizes the critical aspects of timeline management and maintenance. We underscore the importance of proactive risk management by project managers and the role of change leaders in fostering a supportive culture, providing education, and maintaining open communication to address resistance collaboratively. The session emphasizes the potential conflicts arising from timeline misalignments and stakeholder concerns, urging proactive strategies for resolution.

Topic  4

Strategic Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

This session highlights the critical role of effective communication in both project and change management. Participants learn about the ownership of communication plans and strategies, with a focus on aligning project and change teams for broad organizational impact. We’ll discuss the importance of subject-matter experts and project counterparts in driving critical change efforts. Ultimately, the discussion emphasizes the need for a coordinated effort to manage expectations, address concerns, and ensure alignment with the project vision for successful stakeholder engagement.

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July 12, 2024
8 am to noon Arizona time

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Cali Standard, Senior Change Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

I completed ChangeSync's Masterclass Certification for change management! So many great things to share about my experience with ChangeSync. In 3.5 days, ChangeSync provided me with the skills, practical knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead change initiatives in a meaningful and methodical way. I feel so much more equipped to do my job having been through this program. I can’t recommend ChangeSync enough!

Chris Washington, Sr. Organizational Change Manager, Salt River Project (SRP)

I completed my Masterclass Certification with ChangeSync! The course was insightful and provided me with many useful tools and templates to enhance my change management skills. I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with colleagues at work. The material was easy to understand and an excellent gateway into the world of change management. Well done, ChangeSync!

 James Hutchins, Change Management Leader, CNH Industrial

What an amazing experience! 
Thank you ChangeSync team and fellow Change Management Practitioners for a great week of learning.
I look forward to putting to practice the new tools in my toolbox.

Peter Spark, Director Project Delivery, Clinical Maestro

One of the many things this course taught me is that change management doesn’t stop once the change happens, it needs to continue on to ensure that the change is embedded into the organization, the culture, the people and their mindset. Being responsible for implementation of a SAAS solution I will use this knowledge to really help me continue engagement and ensure we are able to embed our solution into the customers processes.

Kate Ferraro, Senior Manager Project Delivery, Strategikon

What resonated with me the most about ChangeSync’s training is building a framework for change, asking questions to understand the stakeholders better, and looking at the change from their perspective. We have really needed these skills in order to build up our procedures for tracking, managing, and understanding the impacts of change within our clients. (ChangeSync’s) tools have given us a great head start to begin with the end goal in mind.

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