About ChangeSync

We're simplifying change management! 

Say goodbye to the days of manually aggregating data across multiple systems to track change trends. We know it is difficult to give business leaders, sponsors, and stakeholders meaningful change information when you're working with disparate data sources.  

After leading countless change programs across numerous industries,  we at ChangeSync knew there must be a better way to quickly track change trends. Thus, ChangeSync was born!

Our platform gives you real-time data to make informed decisions,  work strategically,  and better help organizations and employees through change. 

Our goal is to stay relevant and always evolving to meet the needs of the change management discipline. We're committed to working with our customers to provide a solution that works best for them.  

ChangeSync was created by change professionals, for anyone doing change-related work. We look forward to working with you!

A segment of our filming with Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. Check out our vision, services, and how we're revolutionizing change management software!



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Meet Our Team

Kate DeGon


Kate is a change practitioner with over 15 years of experience. She is PROSCI® certified and has provided change management leadership to organizations ranging from late-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  

David Vanoni

Lead Developer

David brings over 14 years of software development experience to the team. He has been with ChangeSync since its inception and does an amazing job of bringing to life exactly what our customers need.

Eddi Trevizo

Chief Experience Officer

Eddi brings over 14 years of experience ensuring customers are heard, well taken care of, and are an integral part of designing future releases of ChangeSync. Eddi ensures as the industry evolves, so does our platform.


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The most effective way to manage, track, and report on the people-side of change.

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