Combatting Change Saturation with Technology

March 2, 2022

Is change fatigue and workforce exhaustion affecting your business? If so, you're not alone.

“According to Gallup's 2021 Global Emotions Study, 41% of employees report experiencing constant worry throughout the day and 74% of employees say they're extremely burned out.”

Change management leaders have long referred to these symptoms as change saturation. The term is applied to feeling overwhelmed and overburdened with too much change at once. The pandemic has reshaped the professional landscape at a digital, social, and environmental level. We’ve always known about people-related risks, but lately their impact is too pronounced to ignore.

Once low on the totem pole of boardroom priorities, “people-related” risks such as workforce exhaustion, deteriorating mental health, workplace culture are now top of mind because businesses are seeing their quantitative effects. A term has been coined for this too: The Great Resignation.

The 2021 Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Marsh McLennan, highlights the major threats that are likely to reshape our world over the next decade. Unsurprisingly, the highest risks include:

· Talent attraction, retention, and engagement

· Increasing costs of health, risk protection, and well-being benefits

· Deteriorating mental health

· Workforce exhaustion.

So how can you address or mitigate this exhaustion in your organization? The short answer: with technology.

Applying AI capabilities, analysis, and tracking to change management is the only way to quantify change saturation, pinpoint where it is happening, and strategically deploy resources and people to manage it.

At ChangeSync, we offer dashboards and reporting capabilities that allow you to see your entire “portfolio” of change to know exactly where change projects, efforts, activities, and timelines intersect, allowing you to make these strategic adjustments and prioritizations to avoid overburdening and overwhelming your staff.

In-system, multi-dimensional reports, change portfolio management, and organizational data give quantifiable insight into change trends and engagement across your entire business. This helps teams leading through change understand where resistance and fatigue are occurring with real-time sentiment metrics, organization-wide impact views, and even individual completion trends.

ChangeSync is eliminating the change-saturation blind spots that can negatively affect an organization’s bottom line and arguably their most valuable resource – people.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today and ask us about our change-saturation reporting and portfolio management capabilities.