Data-Driven Enterprise Change Is Possible!

October 18, 2022

Consistent, concurrent, company-wide changes are the norm for organizations which means leaders have a greater need for visibility of change across their business. We're tackling the growing need to track, organize, collaborate, and report on change across your organization's entire change portfolio.

Data is key!

Change saturation is real. Employees experience an overwhelming amount of change and that can result in change fatigue and attrition. It’s important for leaders to have visibility to the changes that employees are experiencing to make informed, strategic decisions. By investing in change management software and a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE), companies can get insight into concurrent changes, interdependencies, and lessons learned to minimize employee burnout and costly mistakes.

Data and change software are the keys to strategic, enterprise-wide change management. The infographic below shows some of the benefits you get with a company-wide view of change activities.

A Center of Excellence (CoE) can combat change fatigue!

Historically, change management practitioners were assigned one project and only interested in the data analytics for that project. This can result in blind spots when projects intersect and an inability to know if the organization is ready to take on additional change. Change Management Centers of Excellence (CoE) are improving upon siloed ways of managing change.

Additionally, a Change Management CoE can help combat change fatigue by getting a pulse on employee sentiment via surveys. Having an understanding of employee sentiment can strengthen an OCMer’s change playbook with insight such as:

- Did we send too many emails?

- Did we engage in ways that are meaningful to these groups?

- Was the sentiment lower than expected on that initiative?

Another way to monitor engagement is through completion metrics. These metrics can highlight if users are engaging with new initiatives because if not, maybe it’s not the best time to add yet another new, costly thing that they won’t engage with! ChangeSync is helping companies track and report on sentiment data and completion metrics in real-time and in meaningful ways.

By monitoring trends from change data, organizational change management consultants are better equipped to inform future change strategies and avoid making costly mistakes. OCMers can also grant access to change management-related data to people outside of the change management team because after all, we are all responsible for change!

A Change Management CoE paired with Change Management software can equip leaders with the information that they need to avoid being blindsided by change and to make informed, strategic decisions. Change is the responsibility of all of us—not just change management consultants—and a Change Management CoE; change management data tools make data-driven change possible for everyone!

A very special thanks to Erin Abdelnour, Founder and Managing Partner of ChangeStaffing, for chatting with us and collaborating on this blog!