Feedback Matters – Especially During Change!

April 5, 2022

Our change management platform gives your audiences their chance to speak up and have their say about change. Plus, you get the real-time data you need to be strategic and keep your change program on the right track.

ChangeSync is simplifying and taking the guesswork out of how people think and feel about change activities. Take a look!

Whether you're assessing readiness, gauging project health, or understanding how a project performed – we've got you covered!

Surveys are an integral tool in any change management toolkit because they provide critical insight about how people feel about a change process and where change leaders can be more effective, relevant, or strategic.

Our platform allows you to:

  • Create and brand your own surveys
  • Send surveys directly to your audiences
  • View real-time survey data and sentiment tracking
  • Drill into survey responses to see comments

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