Managing Change Strategically in 2022

February 1, 2022

Change management is often focused on tried and true processes and deliverables to achieve success. But across the industry we've seen people tasked with doing change management work struggle to find tools to quickly report, track, and analyze trends across their change programs. ChangeSync is addressing this gap with a solution that empowers leaders and employees with meaningful, data-driven insight into the changes affecting their daily jobs and success of change-related projects.

Every business experiences change - whether good or bad. The tipping point will always rely on the data you have at hand. However, there are many companies that struggle with change management.

What do we mean by change? Most often, organizational changes have some level of impact over a large or meaningful number of employees. Frequently, change practitioners rely on disparate, siloed tools (such as Excel, Sharepoint and survey platforms) which give you a patchwork view of insights across the organization and more importantly, its effect on employees.

In an era where we can access real-time data on virtually anything, it’s hard to accept that businesses rely on manual, outdated spreadsheet information to make some of their most important decisions. This raises the question: Is there a smarter way to get real-time change information when it’s most-needed?

A cloud-based platform developed by expert change practitioner Kate DeGon provides a resounding: YES! ChangeSync provides businesses with real-time data to:

     - Make informed, strategic decisions

     - Identify/leverage change strengths

     - Quickly identify areas of resistance

     - Increase change adoption rate

     - Assist employees navigating through a change

This real-time information also helps organizations place a concerted effort around ensuring that employees who are affected by the change are appropriately engaged, communicated with, and trained on what the new change means to them. From an employee perspective, this allows employees to quell fear, anxiety and uncertainty, which results in employee empowerment.

To learn more about ChangeSync’s Change Management software and strategically managing change in 2022, check out this short video. Schedule your demo today.