Pricing Overview

User Roles



Billed monthly

 Ideal for stakeholders, change champions, sponsors, managers, etc. Provides transparency. Configurable depending on materials, projects & activities you want them to see. Cannot create or edit materials in the system. 



Billed monthly

Ideal for members of a change team responsible for creating, tracking & modifying project details & initiatives. Can use & edit all of our change tools, reports & templates. Can invite others to join a project/s.



Billed Monthly

  Ideal for leaders of change teams & programs across a company. This role provides the highest level of visibility to all change projects, can create, edit, & modify all configurable aspects of the platform & assign security access for All Users within the system.

Other Pricing 

Set-Up Fee


Our set-up fee includes provisioning & onboarding for Administrator & Creator roles, security configuration & robust personalized support to ensure your success.

Enterprise Plan

Available Upon Inquiry

Need a customized plan? Our goal is to provide user options to meet the unique needs of your organization & change projects. 

Head over to the Contact Us page to schedule time to discuss enterprise pricing options.

Consulting Services

Need experienced change-management resources for your change efforts? No problem! Our team of change professionals is ready to assist with planning, strategy & development of key change management activities

Hourly & Retainer Pricing - Available Upon Inquiry

Every Membership Includes: 

Future Releases

As change management advances, so does ChangeSync! We consistently solicit end-user feedback on new features and functionality to ensure our platform meets your needs.

Customization & Branding Options

Customize ChangeSync’s change management templates and offerings for your needs. Additionally, customize surveys available to our customers with your brand colors, logo, and content to instill trust and consistency with your audiences.

World Class Support 

We pride ourselves on making sure we have provided all customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful when using ChangeSync.

Built-In Analytics

ChangeSync has built-in analytics, which provide our customers with real-time data showing how employees are feeling about change and their engagement as they go through the change journey.

Robust Records

ChangeSync houses all of your change-related projects in one place! This means you inherently build robust documentation and records about your change agility, while uniquely crafting your organization’s change playbook. 

Data Security & Monitoring 

Rest assured that your data is secure.

We run daily reports ensuring our platform is running optimally. We understand the need to have consistency and reliability. We do our best to deliver this to our customers at all times.
ChangeSync is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted on the Heroku Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which uses an Amazon Web Server (AWS) based here in the U.S..  


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